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Rakuten Fits Me, Ichiba App Database Integration

Rakuten Fits Me, Ichiba (Global Distruptor)

Working with the japanese team, we moved to phase 2 of adding the size recommendation tool to the database. After conducting user research customers found it difficult to use the initial tool as the data was lost everytime the browser was cleared. This meant the customer would have to re-enter their size data. Allowing the user to add this data into the profile on registrations removed this blocker. It also gave the customer the option to add family and friends to the filter.


This was a world first for ecommerce and was very successful helping reduce the returns. The data produce was invaluble as this helped Ichiba understanding their customers sizing and could order the garments accordingly saving £1000’s.


Featured on, “BBC Talk Business“.



Rakuten Fits Me

Rakuten Fits Me Phase 1