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Levi’s Online 2 Offline Innovation Whitepaper

Education of Shoppers Leads to Sales

Levi’s has an issue with the different behavior of shoppers when shopping in a Levi’s store to shopping in concession or warehousing stores. Levi’s customers would try new styles and designs on at their flagship stores, but would only buy a style that the shopper was already comfortable with at warehouse store’s like Debenham’s or Top shop. After extensive research, which involved going out to the 2 different types of stores interviewing shoppers, staff, watching and recording shopper behavior.


The outcome of this research was the shopper didn’t feel comfortable to discover, explore different jean styles. There were many different reasons for this, but mainly it was down to shopper education, staff knowledge of products and training.


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Levi Jeans

Levi's Shoppers Need Educating to Feel Safe to Discover New Styles

Levi's business requirement, increase sales of Levi's jeans in warehouse stores, shopper need to be educated in warehouse stores ...