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FIND … Forget Search its all about,”FIND”!

Enhancing the Shopping Experience & Changing User Behaviour.

It’s very difficult to change the concept of, “search” to “find”. You, “search” for something that’s lost. You, “find” something you’re looking for.


It should also be remembered the user does not, “search” when they interact with the search area. The user wants to, “Find” an item. Once this is accepted the finding becomes the priority, the user journey becomes a lot less cluttered with unwanted information and noise.


With the advent of advanced tool-sets, new algorithms and new database technologies the user should never receive a, “Null” response when looking to find an item.


With these new tool sets and human learning algorithms, the pressure is taken off the user and placed onto the system. Using the hook model, outputs for the user and business are greater than the inputs. The user is constantly rewarded with new relevant information.


This research and different way of thinking is the basis of Fit Match and changing the way shoppers shop for clothing on the 3rd biggest marketplace globally. See Fit Match …


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This innovation changed the way shoppers find clothing